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Giving people the means to express themselves

I am a writer at heart, and I got into web design because I wanted to publish the stories I wrote as webpages.  But it turns out that knowing HTML is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating and distributing resources online.  I am interested in building tools for helping people to (re)present themselves over the internet, in ways that stay true to who they are, rather than what some platform thinks they should be.


BookGen is a GNU Makefile for turning Markdown documents into PDF and HTML books.  It’s the build system that I use for all of my longform writing, and while it’s a little messy, it gets the job done.  Someday I’d like to make something which is a little more modular and not written in GNU Make, but that’s probably still a good time out.


Recently I have begun experimenting with using TEI documents to achieve the same effect as some of my more complicated BookGen styles, with less work.  KiT2X.xslt is an XSL Transformation which can be applied to a TEI Lite document to make it viewable in web browsers.  Here is an example (note: requires Firefox 76 or later):