This Is Our Fediverse

Alright, so Iʼm bad at copy. But itʼs pretty rare that I get to play around with colours in my design work (because my JOURNAL has a fixed palette), and Iʼve been thinking about the colour pink (which shades are/arenʼt acceptable; pink as queer symbol; pink as marketing trend) and the role of design on the fediverse (the responsibility that designers have; how we can use design as platform; how we can use design to deplatform) and so I threw this together as a quick thing in about an hour or so.

Itʼs complete contentless propaganda. But uhhh… Gab is bad and all, itʼs not really that complicated of a subject­‑matter. And I think we still have a long ways to go as far as zineïng it up and making shit that makes fascists uncomfortable.

So, letʼs work on that yʼall!!