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Geez, what are you doing here? Let's get you someplace cool.

My name is (style: Kyɛbɛgɔ), and I'm the wexri of the KIBI jexr—which are probably not words which make sense to you. Right now, my activities mostly centre around building language documentation tools for Sevensi and publishing and cataloguïng tools for the internet writ large.

I'm the author of a number of stories, most principally Vague (in progress), and a gay The Legend of Zelda/Metroid crossover fic titled The Legend of Samus and Ilia.

I'm also the author/editor of a number of not‐stories, including CYBREMONDAY, a cybre‐queer zine, and my blog, which you can expect to contain content of all varieties. In the past, I contributed a number of features to a number of ActivityPub software projects, including Mastodon and GlitchSoc, and you can read more about that history here.

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